Overnight Thread (Sony PS-X75 Plays The Who)

Here's a "needle drop" recording I made in 2009, featuring my Sony PX-X75 Biotracer turntable, with Dynavector 10X5 moving coil phono cartridge. Man, I loved this battleship. In 2015, I now have its little brother, the smaller and sleeker PS-X600, which is also a great turntable. If you find one on Ebay, try to grab it, but be prepared to spend the dollars.

The daily art gallery posts continue to draw attention, which is very good. It would be funny if my art career suddenly started taking off, after all these years. There's always an unspoken rule that one has to suffer and struggle for ten years before becoming an "overnight hit."

For Sunday, expect a couple more music posts, plus blah-blah-blah...I have no idea. I do know I have to start working on the Monday posts, including Goro Miyazaki's Ronia, the Robber's Daughter TV series.


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