Overnight Thread (Big Birdman)

Another weekend is finished, which means I'm back to regular scheduled programming on Monday. I was hoping to find the time to write one or two more music themed posts, but I needed to relax. Also, the Oscars were on tonight. It was a pretty decent Oscars, despite it being too long (as usual). The Lego Movie song was great, Paku-San got snubbed, Harry Potter won instead of Beetlejuice, and Lady Gaga, apparently, arrived to clean the toilets.

Here's a great spoof video featuring Carol Spinner, aka Big Bird. I loved Birdman, and I'm glad to see it win Best Picture and Best Director. It's a great, jazzy, free spirit of a movie, very funny, and it's so rare that a comedy wins Best Picture. Ah, well, hope ya all enjoyed your weekend.

For Monday, we're publishing Hayao Miyazaki's Otto Carius serial comic from 1998-99. We'll try to get it published sometime in the morning. Stay tuned, kids.


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