Memories of Sony PX-X5 Direct Drive Turntable, Ctd.

A reader comments on our recent post on the Sony PS-X5 turntable:

I had given up on this blog for Ghibli news. I think there was an 8-month lull when I finally stopped checking for updates. Looks like the author is expanding beyond Ghibli related stuff.

I had the PS-X7 mentioned in this blog. It was a very nice table. As mentioned in the post, the PS-X5, X6 and X7 had a monster plinth that was very heavy and really did an excellent job of canceling resonance. As nice as it was, it was in the very early stages of involved maintenance (selection cam was starting to seize, gel feet were starting to fail, gel mat was warping) so I let it be a project for someone else.

And I that's the biggest takeaway I got from the post - as the march of time continues with these tables, they will become more and more in need of involved maintenance and repair, to the point of being unusable, or at least underperforming. Some units that are based more on simple mechanical parts like Duals will probably live on for a very long time, but complicated units like the Sony PS-X series and a number of others will eventually fade out of usefulness as their plastic gear become to brittle to function and their computer controlled components decay to the point of failure.

I wonder if some of them will be saved as items of historical interest, even if they aren't able to be used as they were intended?

We're working to stay current for Studio Ghibli news. But this site remains, largely, a one-man operation. What I really need are a couple interns. And money. Money would be nice (sheepishly shakes tip jar).

A short programming note: As you know, we are experimenting with expanded content on Ghibli Blog, stretching our wings and trying to add new audiences to our community. Right now, I'm thinking of publishing Studio Ghibli posts on weekdays, and non-Ghibli (music, video games, etc) posts on Saturdays and Sundays. We'll see how it goes, and respond based on traffic and comments.  As alwys, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Unknown said...

I thought this was a Ghibli specific blog? Open up a personal blog or stop with the extraneous posts. Of course ultimately you're free to do what you want, but if this is going to be the approach then you're going to lose subscribers.

*deletes feed from RSS reader*

Kuruma Torajiro said...

I think one way to generate more content for your blog is maybe to observe other stuff that may have nothing to do with Ghibli but is nonetheless 'Ghibli-esque' in flavour.

For that I think it is important to see Ghibli as a part of a much larger pop-cultural fabric, both as influenced and influencing. For example, very quickly you will find the works of the maganka Fumiyo Kono and the film director Koreeda Hirokazu as very Takahata-esque. Compare Only Yesterday with an earlier film by Yamada Yoji and its the same. I recently saw two Australian animated shorts that also struck me as very Ghibli-esque:

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