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Alive in the Superunknown (1999)
Watercolors and Liquid Paper on Paper

One of my favorite watercolor pieces from the fall of 1999. I remember creating this painting (and another one titled "Voice of the Voiceless") on a Friday or Saturday evening while everybody else in the Dinkytown neighborhood was partying. I probably wanted to wrap up quickly so I could join them, but the work was more important, and I'd like to think the shouting college students inspired my creativity.

The title refers to the Soundgarden song and album from 1994, one of the great rock albums (if not the greatest) from the Seattle Grunge Era. Just a fantastic fusion of Led Zeppelin, middle eastern tones, alternative time signatures, and thoughtful, intelligent lyrics. Soundgarden just broke through into another plane with the Superunknown album. I'd like to imagine the same being said for this painting. But that's best left to future scholars to decide.


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