Video - Sony PS-X5 - Aybe Sea

Blogging has been light this week, partly because I've been recording and uploading "needledrops" to my Youtube page.  I picked up a new phono cartridge last weekend, a Grado Red, and I'm busily breaking it in by playing lots of music.  So I thought I'd share this song with you.  It's a short piano ballad from Burnt Weenie Sandwich by The Mothers of Invention.

The turntable is my always-reliable Sony PS-X5 Direct Drive, with about 7-10 lbs. of (non-hardening) modeling clay packed inside.  The Grado Red is the phono cart.  A Rega Fono Mini serves as the phono preamp, and that's connected to my Marantz 2235b stereo receiver.

Yes, I know, this is completely unrelated to The Ghibli Blog, but I just wanted to share.  Usually, my music-themed posts go to my sister weblog, Daniel Thomas Vol 4 (I really have to write more posts there, too).  Where do I ever find the time?  Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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