Pixar Panel Discussion "A Human Story of Computer Animation"

In 2005, the Computer History Museum held a discussion on CGI titled, "A Human Story of Computer Animation."  Speakers included notable Pixar luminaries Brad Bird, Andrew Stanton, Ed Catmull, and Alvy Ray Smith.  They were also joined by moderator Michael Rubin, author of the book, "Droidmaker: Geoge Lucas and the Digital Revolution."

This panel discussion runs 1:44:06.  It's very long, but I hope you'll be able to find the time to watch and discuss.  I wanted to share something memorable in honor of Pixar's 25th birthday, and I can't think of anything better than this.  Feel free to share your own insights and observations.  I'll be throwing up a few more posts related to pioneering computer animation today and tomorrow (as time permits).


Cory Gross said...

I still cannot figure out how people haven't noticed that Pixar has just been remaking Toy Story for the past decade.

When I do a little exercise of looking at the first ten films of Pixar versus the first ten films of Disney and first ten films of Ghibli, I don't see a creative powerhouse. I see people who figured out a bankable formula and stuck with it. And a public that eats up whatever they shovel while letting innovators like Ghibli languish in Western obscurity.

Frisenette said...

All four guys are great in this video, but Brad... Brad it just the best! He says all the things people think or feel, but ain't eloquent enough to express. This is what makes a great animator. He can really talk with his whole body and dramatise his speech like no one else.
His remarks about believability vs. realism is spot on.
But the best is absolutely his answer to the guy at 1:20:40. In that short amount of time, he sums up everything that has been wrong with Hollywood in the last ∼15 year in one fell swoop.