What if Walt Disney Had Produced "Up" in 1965?

What if Walt Disney had Produced "Up" in 1965?  I think it would go!  This excellent recreation of footage from vintage movies recasts Spencer Tracey as Carl Fredericksen, and imagines Pixar's animation as a live-action film.  Interestingly enough, it really seems to work.  I could see Disney creating something just like this, and I could imagine the movie sitting in my library right next to The Apple Dumpling Gang and Herbie.

Thanks to the crew at Cartoon Brew for directing us to the excellent Youtube video.  I see the creators have assembled an entire lineup of "Premakes" - The Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters, Forrest Gump, Gone With the Wind...Hah!

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greentea said...

Ha, made me laugh! I feel I might've enjoyed this more than the computer-animated version. Especially with Tracey's insults.