Trailers - Metropolis (2001)

Fritz Lang's Metropolis is one of my favorite movies, so it's no surprise that I was become hooked on the 2001 anime version.  Here's a look at the Japanese trailer.  The images are a bit low-res, but you should still be able to enjoy it.

Should I include the US movie trailer? Hmm....okay, sure, why not?  I don't think either movie trailer is excellent; the Japanese version gives too much of the movie away, and the American version is all rapid cuts and cheesy narration.  Who decided that movie previews should be fixed with low baritone Hallmark catch-phrases, anyway?  Am I the only one who's annoyed by that?  Perhaps.  It's all small potatoes, anyway.  But much of the time, I do think these movies would be better served without any narration or voice-over at all.  Best to let the images speak alone.

Enjoy these Metrpolis trailers!

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Sean L. said...

I think your right on all accounts. The Japanese trailer is too revealing, and the American trailer sounds very generic in its narration. I can definitely imagine that a narration-less trailer would seem more intriguing, as well as using a more streamlined set of clips.