New Features on the Blog!

I've been spending the past couple days working on the website, adding some needed features and arranging everything properly. You'll have to let me know what you think.

Recent Posts and Recent Comments are added to the middle column, so everyone who visits from any specific post can find their way around. Standard issue for any successful weblog.

Top Posts on Ghibl Blog features a highlight of recent posts, such as our continuing Ponyo coverage. If you want to continue the discussions on what's hot, head over here. Naturally, the main focus will continue to be Ponyo for the foreseeable future.

Top Video Posts feature the best video clips on the blog, including Ghibli's short films and trailers. The Princess Mononoke documentary (which was fansubbed) is available here. I've made sure that all the videos on these highlighted pages are still available for viewing.

Recommended Blog Posts - Do I need a better name for this? - Is a selection of my best essays during the entire run of the Ghibli Blog. Some essays are recent, and some stretch back to the very beginning. I tried to highlight my meatier writing, the essays that go into depth. If there's anything you read that you really loved, let us know and I'll add it to the list.

Share tags are available after each post. These enable you to share any posts with social networking sites or online news sites. And this helps the website to grow. It's very easy to do, so please do your part and help share these great discussions with the world.

I am very proud of the fact that all the important information is now available on four screens or less. The screenshots have been arranged to make it all easier on the eyes, and with the reviews, give you an idea of what you're reading. It's very easy on the eyes and very balanced, I think.

The most important thing is that you are able to find what you need quickly and easily. It's always so difficult to follow any blog that you may have missed for a couple days. Once something is off the main page, it might as well be on the moon. I hope new visitors and longtime regulars will be able to follow the latest events, dig through the archives, and continue to build The Ghibli Blog as the largest online community for Ghibli and animation lovers. For that, I can't do it alone; I need your help.

As always, share your thoughts and input. Are there any design ideas that we need? Are new visitors able to navigate easily? Can you catch up quickly if you've been away? Let's all work together to make this the best site it can be.

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