All Reviews Moved to Ghibli Blog

I'm happy to announce that all the reviews from are now safely aboard The Ghibli Blog. This was a long affair that I'm relieved to see finished. All of these reviews can easily be found among the reviews links in the second column.

Of course, some of these "reviews" are really placeholders, links to a short related post, until I get around to writing the longer definintive essays. I have discovered that this blog has a momentum that must be honored, so it's a matter of steering the ship around to the desired subjects. After all, I want everyone to participate in the conversations.

So now it's back to a normal publishing schedule on the blog. Ponyo is only days away. Miyazaki's memoirs will be published this week. I am busy downloading a number of Toei Doga movies. And there's a large pile of movie posters to show off. I find it amazing that I once worried about running out of discussion topics on this blog. Hah! In truth, we'll never fully catch up on all things Ghibli. But we are ahead of everybody else and steadily expanding our lead. Yaayy!

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