Ren & Stimpy - Space Madness

(Update: This video has since been removed from Youtube.  Sorry.)

When this show appeared around 1991, it was the zaniest and most far-out cartoon show on television. It still is. Here's what is probably my favorite episode - Sssspaceee Maddnesssss!!!!

Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah I can laugh myself stupid watching Ren & Stimpy. So what's the story with this show? What happened with John K.? I know there were endless delays for new episodes (The Simpsons ripped on 'em a couple times), and eventually John K. was fired from the show. The episodes that continued without him were terribly lame, and you almost felt a certain loyalty to him for creating such a fantastic cartoon show.


Malik Ming said...

Perfect timing, man! I was just thinking about this particular episode. My favorite also!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

John K's blog is on the blogroll - just check the right column, after the tags.

Strangely enough, I can't find any other full episodes on YouTube from the early John K. shows. Part of Firehouse Dogs, and the Powdered Toast commercial, and one segment of Ask Dr. Stupid. Ah, well.

Strange that Ren & Stimpy only lasted six episodes before John K's sacking. The later Nickelodeon episodes are just tame and watered-down in comparison. They just don't compete to the six originals. Even when John K. got Ren & Stimpy back a few years ago, those newer episodes lacked the wild anarchy of 1991. Strange.

Malik Ming said...

Well, next to Johnny's delayed perfectionism and the extremity of his episodes, nothing about exactly screams (or monotones) "reliable, sterile committee director." Shame, shame.

Speaking of later Nickelodeon shows, did you ever get my e-mail regarding a particular Nicktoon that ended a year ago, yet is still getting much critical acclaim (not to mention a Peabody Award)?

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