Vote on the New Ghibli Blog Design

Just as promised, I'm searching for a new layout design for the Ghibli Blog.

Also, since I've always referred to this blog casually as "the Ghibli blog," that will become part of the title. "The Ghibli Blog: Conversations on Ghibli and the Movies." How does that sound? Should I add "anime" or "animation in the title? I mean, since I'm already asking for your input, I might as well open the floor up for debate on everything.

Here are a few contenders that I've come across so far. I want something that looks more polished, more professional. Three columns would be preferrable, since there are so many resource links. I'm not having much of a problem with black text/white background anymore, now that my eyes have pretty much burned themselves out.

Of course, if you've found something that you really love, let me know and I'll take a look.

Hot Coffee

Schmer Mag

Studio Press Blue

Blue World



Zinmag Remedy


Template Prada

Maggo Magazine Style

Those should be enough for now. I might find a few more, but no use in overloading ourselves. I think we can pick a couple finalists from this lineup fairly quickly. Thanks to all loyal Ghibli Freaks for helping out!


Fletcher said...

Hey, I like what you have currently, but if I had to choose one or two, I would go with either.

Songs or Zinmag Remedy

szy said...

My votes goes to Typebased and a short, easy to remember title.

Anyway, as long as you keep posting great insights on animation and Ghibli I won't care too much about design :)

vit-r said...

Your current template has to little contrast for text. I also don't like the same color for new and visited links.

I vote for black on white. Other features are not important.

Anonymous said...

With some color tweaking, Hot Coffee or Songs could work well. Both designs seem uncluttered and the white background with black text for the main content makes it stand out and very legible.

What about "Conversations on Ghibli: The Ghibli Blog"? More of the blog purpose/keywords (animation, anime, etc) could go in an about box in the sidebar.

And I agree with szy: Keep up the great insightful posts... the design is always secondary to good content.

Anonymous said...

With some color tweaking, Hot Coffee or Songs could work well. Both designs are uncluttered and the white background with black text make the main content stand out and very legible.

How about "Conversations on Ghibli: The Ghibli Blog"? The blog description/keywords (anime, animation, etc) could go in an about box on the sidebar.

I also agree with szy: Keep up the insightful posts! The design is always secondary to good content.

J.R.D.S. said...

I think "Hot Coffee" is the most appropriate – I think a Takahata/World Masterpiece Theatre-oriented blog or site should have a "homely" feel to it, not a "cool" one, though "Songs" looks too old-fashioned to me. "Template Prada" is bit better-looking than that but too dark and, like the current template, a but too low-contrast for easy reading. "Orange" is almost right, but all white-on-black text looks too "loose" and amerture-ish. So my vote's definitely for Hot Coffee; all you'd need to do is find something of appropriate proportions to replace the coffee image with. I like "Typebased" as well – that would be my number 2 – but I feel that might need some different colours to fully "go."

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Interesting ideas all around. I do agree about proper color contrast. That's one reason why I think white background and black text is the best option.

There are a number of really good templates available here, and any Google search will yield countless others. So the input helps, as always.

And as for the name, "Conversations on Ghibli" will most likely stand. After you've named your child and they're old enough to start preschool, it's too late to change the name. You're stuck with it.

I keep darting around between two or three of these. I do agree that "Hot Coffee" works nicely, provided you change that coffee logo with something more appropriate, like a Totoro or Catbus or something. However, if the coffee font is part of the background, that might prove more difficult. But I really like the overall design.

Orange and Studio Blue have great layouts, and they're easy on the eyes. Between those, I'd pick Blue because it's easier for me to read, and blue is more my color. I wish I could add a graphic, either at the banner, or the grey "Welcome" box.

Here's another contender, this looks really good:

I also really like "Schemer Mag" because it allows for video and pics right at the top. As this blog continues to grow, the amount of material grows as well, and it's necessary to have a way to make it available as easily as possible. So I'm leaning towards something similar to this design.

Chris said...

I vote for either Hot Coffee or Zinmag. All the others seemed pretty generic.

I've always loved your banner at the top of the page, though. It really pulls me in, so I wouldn't lose that no matter which style is chosen.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a fan of the Only Yesterday Banner. The only thing I would change is the text font for "Conversations on Ghibli". Needs an update for sure.


Anonymous said...

hmmm interesting but my votes are for studio Press Blue, Blue World and Typebased, i like those layout cuz those colors make a good contrast with the text and images and is easy to read, in addition the background of typebased has a a cool image to the new look of your blog


Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thanks to everyone again for their input. I think I'm moving in much the same direction. Good color scheme, better contrast, a good readable font, and something with a little graphic flourish. If I could save the banner, which is really just a screenshot from Omohide Poro Poro, that would be terrific. I'll have to preview some of these to test them out before deciding something.

If all goes well, we'll have the blog updated this week. If I can do so in time for my birthday on Wednesday, all the better.