Um...Hi Everybody

Ack! So I guess I'm now the last person to learn about Twitter?

My thanks to everyone who helps to spread the word about Conversations on Ghibli. Your support is greatly appreciated and means the world to me. I can't possibly make this site a success without you.

I've got jelly beans on the counter - help yourselves!


Geoff N said...

Your average site visit per day is up to 125 and your page view is 228 per day, that's got to be a record high I would think?

I can proudly say I was able to get one person to now regularly visit this site. They were like me and ended up chronologically reading your entire archives of post.

Congratulations on all that you've accomplished.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Yaay!! One more fan!!

I do have to admit, it's a bit humbling to know that the traffic numbers are available to the public. But it keeps me honest. And I've seen other indications (like the folks at which suggests the Ghibli blog is more popular than these numbers suggest.

I've spent the whole day, wracking my brain for something to write about Pixar, since that's where the money's at. No luck. I got nuthin'.

Fortunately, the best thing about this site is that there are very few casual visitors. Most everyone is a hardcore fan. So it's really about building up the local scene and growing it organically. The occasional post might draw some attention, but the long hard work remains. Don't expect today's Twitter-fueled traffic to continue indefinitely....unless I can come up with another good Pixar post. :P

Ozymandias said...

I was one of those who discovered this blog through the Twitterscape. Now I'll be an addition to your regular traffic after realising it's such a rich source of info for all things Ghibli :)