Twitter Feed Now Available

Today, I have added a Twitter feed for Conversations on Ghibli, or, as it's more casually known, "The Ghibli Blog." Hopefully, everything works out perfectly fine, and you'll be able to stay on top of the latest posts from Twitter. Let's cross our fingers and hope this works.

I should also add that I'm trying to also bring Add to Any to these blog posts. But I'm discovering that I'm becoming clumsier about computers and technology as I get older. So there will likely be a bit of fumbling before I get it to work. When everything's working fine, don't worry, you'll know.

These additions will enable the Ghibli Blog to be more connected to the internet, and make it easier to spread the word to fellow Ghibli Freaks. With perseverence and a little good fortune, yesterday's traffic spike will become the norm. I really don't see why not.

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