Pixar's Up - Trailer #3

This is the fullest and most recent of movie previews for Pixar's upcoming movie, Up.  Very interesting, very clever, and very funny.  As always, I'm looking forward to the latest Pixar feature, but I'm especially looking forward to this one.

If I were to examine this (presumably) final trailer more critically, I would observe that Pixar is still closely following its story formula, particularly with the eccentric sidekick characters, and what appears to be a melodramatic villain.  But I will be generous, and happily look forward to a funny and entertaining movie.

Oh, and am I the only one who is immediately reminded of Kirk Douglas?  If we get something that approximates his many great movie performances - Kubrick's Paths of Glory is one of my favorites - then we'll really be in for a treat.  I wonder if Peter O'Toole's food critic from Ratatouille played any influence on Pete Docter?  I certainly hope so, because the quiet climax to Ratatouille was especially moving for me.  Pixar could use more of such quiet, reflective moments.

Enjoy, kids.

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