Photos - The Last Unicorn

While updating the movie review links, I came across this screen shot that I snapped for The Last Unicorn. So here it is for you to enjoy. Oh, and send a couple bucks to Peter Beagle while yer at it.

As many dedicated Ghibli Freaks are aware, The Last Unicorn was created largely at the Rankin-Bass people here in America, then shipped off to Japan's Topcraft studio in Japan in 1982. Their very next production was with Hayao Miyazaki, and his film adaptation of his ongoing Nausicaa manga serial. Nausicaa was a success at the box office, which promptly led to the founding of Studio Ghibli. Much, if not most, of the key talent from Topcraft migrated to Ghibli - kind of like The Mothers of Invention when Frank Zappa arrived, if you think about it.

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