More Movies Coming

Just so everybody is aware, I have more Ghibli movies to show here on the blog, but I'm waiting until Kiki's Delivery Service is off the front page. I understand that loading time is still an issue for many of you, and I don't wish to overload your computers more than necessary. After a couple more posts, we'll get to the next feature. Heck, I'm still trying to get caught up on watching these myself.

Of course, it is well understood that each one of you has bought the DVDs, right, wink, wink? Gooood.


Ulrik said...

You should try to combine all the embedded parts into one single playlist to shorten the loading time of the site.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said... know, that's not a bad idea. I'll see if these movies have playlists. Does that mean all the parts will play, one after another, without any more prompting from the viewer?

Yeah, I really am late to the party on the technology thing. Anyway, since these aren't my videos, I'm at the mercy of those who posted them to YouTube.

asuka said...

i have a lovely dvd of kiki - i don't know if it has that spanish (?) song over the closing credits, though, like the youtube clip. haven't checked.

Malik Ming said...

The administer of the Simpsons online site uses JW Player, which can play the entire film, preferably in 1.85:1 ratio, so the black bars on Ghibli's films would be eradicated. Space and loading time would probably still be the main issues, although for the latter, you'll still have full screen option (which in turn means you'll still see the bars. [sigh] You can't win them all).

Ulrik said...

They don't have to be in a playlist already, you can create your own and just manually add them.

Then you embedd the playlist (youtube gives you the code) and the parts will be played without anymore prompting.

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