Happy Birthday!

Today's my birthday. Let's play video games and get loaded up on cake! Wheeee......

Oh, and if you're wondering, this screenshot is from Todd's Adventures in Slime World (1990) on the Atari Lynx. Think of it as a slimy, pulsating, gooey version of Metroid. Everything on that screen is animated. Everything. The underground world pulsates and breathes, monsters bonk around, slime cascades in pools and drips from the ceilings...the perfect game for teens who are into the "gross" stuff.

I couldn't really find any good photos of me at the moment, so it was either Slime World, the "orly" bird, or the LOL Cats.

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Chris said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. MacInnes!

(It's a shame you can't spend it with Marcee in Bogota.)