Completely Unrelated Blog Post

The Minnesota Vikings are out of the playoffs. They crashed and burned once again. It's almost like clockwork. Ah, well.

I think I'm long overdue with having an internet connection at the apartment, so I'll make some phone calls this week and see when I can get plugged back in. The upside to that, naturally, is that I'll be able to blog more frequently here.

And, as always, a heartfelt thanks to everyone for visiting, commenting, and contributing. The Ghibli Blog couldn't be possible without you!


Malik Ming said...

No problem, Dan.

Thanks for the blog, and Happy New Year!

Guilherme said...

Hi Thomas,
I've been trying lately to study Miyazaki films as a 2d animator. I watch them frame-by-frame and I also have some making-ofs.

Here in your blog, you recommend the "Yasuo Otsuka's Joy in Motion" DVD. What materials whould you recomend me?