Video - Wan Wan Chushingura

Another movie trailer found on YouTube.  This is Toei Doga's 1963 feature film, Wan Wan Chusingura.  It is based upon the famous Japanese story of the 47 Ronin, only performed entirely by dogs.  This is another one of the early, obscure Toei pictures.  I can only point to GhibliWorld and Anipages for sources, and Ben Ettinger has admitted he's yet to see the movie.  Ah, well.  It is available on DVD in Japan, so it'll be in my collection one day.

Just my luck, you'll see it on Blu-Ray right after I cough up the money for the standard DVD.  Place your bets.

This movie holds the distinct honor of being the very first production Hayao Miyazaki ever worked on.  He had joined the Toei studio in one of its final hiring waves in 1963, after graduating college with a Political Science degree.  He was trained and brought on as an in-betweener.  In terms of creative output, there's probably nothing to note, unless you have a keen enough eye to spot the scenes he worked on.

Miyazaki's creative bent would first be shown on his next feature film, Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon.  But I'm sure this is a good movie in its own right.  We'll have to wait for someone to post some clips online before we can judge for ourselves.

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