Videogames of the Damned - RNC in St. Paul

Attention everyone: in case you don't know, I'm blogging the Republican Convention on my other weblog, Videogames of the Damned. I don't have nearly enough spare time, barely enough for one, so be sure to catch me there. I'm working my best to help keep you informed about what's happening around me, and share my thoughts.

How is the RNC going? How about this? Do you remember that Pink Floyd song, Welcome to the Machine? Exactly. These photos were taken in downtown St. Paul on Labor Day, around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I had a front row seat to this; thankfully, I came away unharmed and unhurt. But I'm having a real hard time dealing with this.

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Keith said...

There are similar images of the DNC on YouTube.

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