Hey, I'm Becoming Popular!

Well, sort of.

It's really sad when I have to brag about the rising numbers to this blog, because the numbers are, frankly, nonexistant. In the grand scheme of the internet, the Ghibli blog fits somewhere near the very back. Ah, well. That's the price for talking about obscure foreign movies no one's ever heard of.

Maybe I should start selling t-shirts, or somethin'.

Anyway, traffic has doubled since this weekend, thanks mostly to my writings on Pixar and Wall-E. "Doubled," of course, means going from 100 visitors a day to 200. But it is rising, and these are all-time highs. Hah! If you're an artist, you learn to take your victories any way you can. So thanks to everyone who's visiting Conversations on Ghibli for the first time. Search around and see what you'll find. I'm pretty sure all the movies haven't been pulled yet...

1 comment:

Gargron said...

Congrats! :)
You have definitly more luck then me. I can speak of luck if I get 20 visitors a day. :(