Stan Venderbeek - Science Friction (1959)

Okay, last animation short for the night. Seriously. Since we're watching a number of psychedelic abstract art films, I wanted to include one of my favorites, from another pioneer in computer graphics named Stan Vanderbeek. This is his 1959 film, Science Friction. Really great stuff, very complex and highly critical of American conformist culture and the Cold War, with its looming threat of the Bomb. It also very clearly shows the influence of psychedelics. But, then, doesn't most animation?

Anyway, here's Science Friction. Enjoy!


Nickerson87 said...

What a great piece of film from an Animation and Historical perspective.

Daniel, I thought I'd let you know (so you could help spread the word as well) that a subtitled (English and Spanish) "Jarinko Chie" is available for download off Box Torrent.

It was added just recently on April 6th.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thank you so much! I will remember to add it to the links this weekend and write a post...unless you readers are already reading, yeah. But I'll write a full post later today/tonight.

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