Cartoon Brew Features Nemo Pilot...Um, Hello?

This week Cartoon Brew featured a post on Yoshifumi Kondo's 1984 Nemo pilot. Strangely enough, they weren't aware that we talked about Nemo here on the Ghibli blog. Huh. My bad for not spreading the word around enough. Small world, eh?

Predictably enough, Hayao Miyazaki is name-dropped as somehow being responsible for Nemo '84. As we've explained, that wasn't the case, although he was courted for the film project in its earlier days (as was Takahata). It fell through due to artistic differences, but the simple fact is that Miyazaki was clearly his own man by the end of the '70s. He was simply not about to work for anyone else, on anyone's terms.

Ah, but I really do try to not let these things get to me. It's a bit frustrating, as though Americans can only keep one foreign name in their heads at a time. "Miyazaki" has become American slang for "anime I like." I've heard his name mentioned at all sorts of anime productions over the years that, clearly, he wasn't involved with. Nemo, Night on the Galactic Railroad, Like the Clouds Like the Wind, Animatrix...yadda yadda. There is more than one animation studio in Japan, y'know.

But, anyway, head over to Cartoon Brew for the discussion. Brad Bird stopped by for some insights on his short encounter with the Nemo production.

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Sloindahed said...

I was greatly annoyed when I read that article as well. Worse when aintitcool linked to that article with the title "Hayao Miyazaki to make LITTLE NEMO movie? - Well, sadly no, but here's the test he did in 70mm...". Damn I hate the ignorance of the Western world.