Paprika Trailer and Footage

I don't know how familiar all of you are with Satoshi Kon and his latest anime, Paprika. So I scoured through YouTube to provide you with some footage from the film, including both the American and Japanese trailers. I'm always fascinated at the differences in how these films are presented in each country. The Japanese trailers emphasize its awards and Kon's success, as well as details of the plot. The American trailer is much thinner, sticking to fast clips. Perhaps this reflects the fact that anime is still very much a small niche market in the States; fans will already know the details.

I would prefer a greater attempt to appeal to a wider audience, but this prejudicial attitude towards the Dumb Americans Who Can't Think For Themselves pervades Hollywood thinking. To its credit, however, Paprika is being shown in its original language and subtitled; still, I think a wider audience could be courted if given the chance. And where the heck is Mind Game?! The best animation movie of the decade is still without an American distributor.

Anyway, enjoy the trailers. The last video is a scene from the movie, which will in all likelihood be taken down before too long. If you're able to see this in the theatres, by all means, do so.

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Benjamin De Schrijver said...

I wanted to see it in theatres, but it released the day I left the US (I was there for a month). Here in Belgium, they didn't show it and didn't have plans to release it, so I got to see it on the internet, and absolutely loved it. Just pre-ordered the French Collector's Edition that includes the storyboards in bookform yesterday.

I personally loved the film, but can't say I'd advise it to everyone. Many people just won't get it, as it's pretty complicated. I've heard many critics didn't get it but still gave it thumbs up because of the exciting animation, but I don't think everyone would feel that way.