Watch a Scene From Gedo Senki

This is a remarkable little find, a three-and-a-half minute clip from Goro Miyazaki's Gedo Senki. This isn't a segment from any television broadcast; as best I can tell, this is pirated directly from the movie theatres. Certainly not a practice I endorse, but since we Americans are left out in the cold (thanks to the wonderful folks at Sci-Fi Channel).

This scene is "Therru's Song," and features the song that was a hit in Japan. As always, the color and animation is amazing, and I'm noticing the strong influence of the classic, iconic design from Horus, Prince of the Sun...Heidi...maybe the Shuna no Tabi comic. Interersting, again, to see how the younger Miyazaki is so heavily dependent upon his father's archetypal imagery. Add in their long and stormy history, and we're looking at a movie that will be dissected by scholars for years.

Here's another thing I noticed: the hands. That's a detail that really stood out for some reason. These characters really do look like the children of Miyazaki's archetypes, but more rounded.

I've been expecting pirated fansub copies of the film to start appearing for a while now, especially since a Japanese DVD release isn't in sight, and the US market is locked out until 2009. If we're patient, we'll soon get to see this movie by the time the rest of the world does.


Benjamin said...

Mmmh... something bothers me about this clip. It's so obvious she's singing in a studio... it doesn't feel at all like she's standing in a field. Or perhaps it's the recording if it's directly from theatres.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Well, we have to keep in mind that the sound quality is directly affected by how it was recorded. It's never going to sound as good as it would if you were sitting in the theatre. It's not something we really have a right to complain about, except, of course, for the fact that we're not going to legitimately see this movie for another two or three years.

AgnesPterry said...
youtube now has it up without English subtitles if you're interested. Unfortunately since I only know the barest amount of fangirl Japanese (what comes of watching things in subtitles) I won't be able to understand it. Having read the books myself I'm rather looking forward to the U.S. release.

Castle in the Sky was the first anime movie I watched three years ago via Diana Wynne Jones' discussing the fact that Myazaki was to be animating one of her books. I love watching Ghibli's older stuff.

By the way, also just wanted to say that I look forward to Conan episodes. I don't trust BitTorrent and refuse to use it to download things on my computer and it is nice to have it on YouTube to watch since it is not available on DVD. (Why I don't know. I would buy the entire series in a shot if possible.) I was thrilled to see that there were two new episodes up last time I checked your profile. ^.^

Chris Sobieniak said...

Funny reading that someone refuses to use BT to get things like this. I used to be in that mood a few years ago but I gave in too quickly.

I had read somewhere the Brits will be getting a DVD release of Gedo Senki later this year, so there's some hope of seeing this film quickly if I can get around to ordering it that way. In the past, I often saw a Ghibli film long before Disney got around to releaseing it (Mononoke Hime, Spirited Away, etc.).

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