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Just 'cause I can. Hmmm. I really need a haircut.


Brennan said...

Hey Daniel. I just watched Umi ga kikoeru for the first time today and it was the first Ghibli movie I didn't like. The thing is, I'm not sure if it was the fact that my sister got me a crappy bootlegged copy of the movie that completely ruined the subtitles or if I really wouldn't have liked the movie. I read your review and it said that the final phrase was "And it was then that I realized...I had always been crazy for her." In my sub it was "I really liked her." They completely butchered the movie. They managed to put in more spelling and grammar mistakes than I could count. Does the Japanese version have good subtitles?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Having a bad experience can ruin even the best movies. There are a lot of little variables that we don't even consider, things like the quality of the picture or subtitles, until we're watching.

I've been lucky enough to watch on the Japanese DVD, which offers excellent picture quality and subtitles. That line I quote is from the DVD. It's challenging to translate Japanese into English, since it's a much smaller vocabulary that depends greatly upon context. A translator may be successful with the words, but lose the intent. That sounds like what has happened here.

And, of course, our moods play a large role in whether or not we enjoy a movie. If I'm not in the mood for a Western, then it doesn't matter that Stagecoach is on the big screen. I'm not gonna like it.

This is why it's essential to be exposed to as much of life and the arts as possible. It's all about the expansion of consciousness, and the appreciation of all things in life, and it's also essential for enjoying the movies.

Best luck on Umi.

Jennifer said...

I found you while desperately searching for a poster featuring the blue Studio Ghibli logo.

I enjoyed stopping by!

Brennan said...

Daniel! It's almost been a month since the last update!

Babou said...

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