Off-Topic Rant: I Hate American Idol

This is why I never watch this stupid show.

Damn, I hate this show! What a pack of mean jackasses. This is why I've never watched this show, and why I have no respect for it whatsoever. The whole "reality show" fad is little more than cheap exploitation that expects you to take pleasure from the suffering of others. And then we wonder why the rest of the world hates us. I'm glad Bill Hicks isn't around to see this, or else he'd finally lose faith in America.

I feel nothing but seething rage at this collosal corporatist fraud of a show. Who decided that these losers are the paragons of virtue, the ones who get to pass judgment on the rest of us? To watch three adults...I repeat, GROWN ADULTS...laugh and mock some kid for no good reason, it's a damned disgrace.

Hell, to be laughed at by Paula Abdul, whose hideous '80s pop music more than likely caused permemant damage to my ears, is an honor. Thank heavens I was able to discover Dylan and Jimi and The Ramones, and undo all the damage. And the less said of Simon Cowell, the better. Is this what happens to schoolyard bullies? I always thought they grew up to become terrorists or mobsters or cops.

Jerks. This is the mentality that has given us the worst decade of crappy pop music in my lifetime. It's even worse now than '80s hair metal. Everything is so manufactured, so processed, so plastic. Give me that kid and a thousand others like him any day. He's a real human being. Which is far more than I can say for these pathetic judges.

Losers. I'm reminded of a big speech at the end of Miyazaki's Nausicaa books: "We can learn for ourselves the beauty and cruelty of the world, without the help of a giant tomb, and it's servants." We don't need them.

Pick up a guitar and make your own damned music, and stop obsessing over what those high school losers think. Damn, I hate this show!

And now I can't sleep. Great. Usually if I want to get this angry, I just watch President Stupid.


Chris Sobieniak said...

This is probably why I stopped watching TV regularly since the beginning of the century. I so NO value in it whatsoever. Shows like American Idol are oblivious to me, and I really don't care what goes on with 'em anyway (yet my brother often has to take part in those silly text messenging vote deals they do).

In this age of the MySpace generation, I often wonder if it felt this prophetic dreaming of where we'd go 20 years ago whilest I was in my Robotech PJ's. Really, I didn't think it would get this bad at all. :-)

MATTHEW said...

I disagree. There are some seriously talented singers on that show (regardless of the fact that they sing pop crap).

They people that are ridiculed on that show have no business trying out for a singing competition and are in dire need of a rude awakeing.