Movie Posters - Omohide Poro Poro

Here is the Japanese movie poster for Isao Takahata's 1991 film masterpiece, Omohide Poro Poro. I suggested in an earlier entry that I knew of someone who sold Japanese movie posters, including all the Ghibli pictures. To be sure, I haven't emailed the person who runs that website, so let's not get our hopes up to greatly just yet. But, still, he claims to be selling this poster for a rather cheap price; I'll have to be sending him a couple emails sometime in the next couple weeks. If it turns out to be legit, well....just start saving up your pennies, dear readers, just in case.

I have intimated, on occasion, my great and terrible devotion to this movie. It sits on my short list of all-time favorites, alongside Citizen Kane, Casablanca, 2001, Lawrence of Arabia, Seven Samurai, Duck Soup...yadda yadda. I've also mentioned, at least once, that the chances of seeing it released in America on DVD is just about nil. It just ain't gonna happen, not on Disney's watch. Yeah, we'll have to go into that one of these days.


Angus Glashier said...

It seems like we might be getting a DVD release here in Australia:

fizzy said...

Australia's release date for Only Yesterday is October 11th 2006. The DVD will be sub-only, but will include the 45 minute "making of" featurette that will be subtitled.
Check Madman's website for more specs.

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